Five Ways You Can Drape Dupatta

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Five Ways You Can Drape Dupatta
Mar 15, 2018
No major labor is involved here, just a tinge of creativity and your off to go. Cut that boring drapes and style your dupattas in some fab ways to make a statement on every occasion that you pay a visit to. We find these dupatta draping techniques really fashionable and cool…have a look Dupatta tied with a belt We know you love to rock those Anarkalis in different occasions and look all dolled up and fancy. But, anarkalis are so heavily embroidered and styled that you fail to fit dupatta anywhere on it. Pull that simple dupatta together and place it on one shoulder, fix it on the shoulder with a safety pin. Tie it around the waist with the golden and glamorous belt and let that dupatta to fall through it and attain that edge to your entire look. Besides, this way dupatta remains fixed and won’t bother you when your tap your feet on the dance floor. Fall Drape Another style is the extension of the previous one only as it goes till another shoulder. Lift dupatta a little above and place it on another shoulder from the edge and fall it like a drape on the left shoulder. This style looks good on heavy work dupatta as embroidery and works both could be flaunted this way. Dupatta Tucked On A Wrist If dancing is not your cup of tea and you are comfortable tying dupatta to your bangles, you will rock this drape. Place a dupatta on the right shoulder, lesser on the front and more on the back. From your back, move dupatta to the wrist of a left hand and tuck it with your bangle. This will create a beautiful flowy drape at the back. This looks good on heavy work suit. Hang From The Shoulder This is the basic old school style but looks ultra chic on heavy work dupattas. Let it hang from your shoulder on one side and cover and flaunt it all though out the party. For the matter of fact, a simple suit could look extremely glamorous once paired with a heavy Chanderi or Bandhani dupatta. If your wardrobe collection lacks good dupatta collection, it’s time to shop for some here at Double drape saree look This draped style goes perfectly with flowy fabric and not stiff one. Hold the edge of dupatta in one hand and tuck it inside the bottom (palazzo or petticoat or pants) and tuck it in the center of the waist line. You know the next step; bring to the right shoulder by draping is around the waist and tuck on the right shoulder. Make sure to choose a lengthy dupatta for this style so that it falls down across the shoulder.




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