Kasuti Embroidery

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Kasuti Embroidery
Feb 11, 2018
The design in kasuti embroidery is adapted from temple designs and architectural motifs beautifully woven on cotton fabric. The Kasuti embroidery is done very intricately and sometimes even involves weaving up to 5,000 stitches by hand. Kasuti is generally woven on sarees and kurtas. These patterns are close folded and, formed out of four stitches known as gavanti, muragi, nevgi and menthe. Kasuti embroidery is done on brighter shades and has gained quite a relevance in the modern world. Began in the 17th century, it is done by women designers of the Mysore Kingdom who featured fold designs influenced by rangoli patterns of Karnataka. With time, the artwork has grown beyond traditional boundaries as it is being used in new dress materials like Mysore Silk Sarees. However, the art has a way to go due to the degradation in its revival in last few years. Today, we can find the embroidery in salwar suits and dress materials apart from being concentrated to just sarees. Besides, it is not just the dress materials that go well for kasuti embroidery; it is even spread to furniture covers and splendid curtains also. With intricate classic designs and finely woven motifs, kasuti makes up for some modern-day furniture wear. We know how things work in the contemporary world and so the revival of every ethnic and old material becomes a new innovation. With the fusion of old and new, designers always try to reinvent classic era embroideries thereby creating some masterpieces for modern days. Wishalley’s unique ethnic styles are always an invention of something classy and old. So, if you want a hint of classic ethnicity in your wardrobe, kasuti embroidered dress materials will catch some eyes for you this season. Dressing occasionally The materials and designs, kasuti embroidery of dharwad suits almost all occasions. Without any biases, the dress material with kasuti embroidery on it looks perfect on women of all ages. The beautiful cotton sarees with kasuti embroidery on it looks perfect on a bright sunny day. Also, dharwad sarees look subtle and classy on any occasion be it a wedding or a party at the office. Besides, the kasuti embroidered suit or saree is a perfect gift for ladies who love experimenting with sarees and ethnicity altogether. Since the material used for this embroidery is cotton most of them, so it is perfect for all seasons. In summers, it will keep you cool and calm, and winters won’t go boring by styling it with a nice matching stole. Accessorizing is all the more interesting and exciting when it comes to experimenting. Accessorize it with any type of jewelry be it a funky necklace or large chandbalis or drop earrings, it would look absolutely amazing.



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