Batik Print

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Batik Print
Jan 29, 2018
So, if you always confuse between the batik and the bandhini prints, know that the two prints are entirely different and also look different. Here are a few batik prints that will help you differentiate between batik and other prints. Kawung – Combination of various motifs Image: Kawung or eplok or grinsing are decorative motifs of Java islands of Indonesia. It is an overlapping grid of circles that forms a pattern on the cloth. Generally, the designs are based on circles centered on triangles or on square lattice pattern of points. This print has its roots to native Indonesia and is influenced by the culture of Indonesia since 7th century. Garuda Image: Influenced by Hindu and Buddhist culture, this print is inspired by the Garuda- a legendary bird creature of Hindu and Budhhist mythology. Quite popular in hindu mythology, Garuda was considered as the vehicle of Hindu god Vishnu and Astasena in Buddhism. This pattern if exponentially used on cotton fabric as a part of batik print Kurtis and sarees. Besurek or Arabic Caligraphy Image: This is the most beautiful of all batik prints as it is created by printing Arabic calligraphy which is the artistic practice of handwriting based on Urdu alphabets. In Arabic, it is known as the design or construction or line. The print looks extravagant and immensely beautiful similar to Arabic calligraphy which is popular for having the beautiful Arabic script. Burung Hong – A Chinese zodiac design Image: Influenced by Chinese zodiac this batik print is a fancy design burung hong is a Chinese mythological bird of East Asia that reign over all other birds. The fendghuang is also known as “August Rooster,” as it takes the place of the rooster in Chinese zodiac. The print is beautifully dyed on a cotton cloth to give it an authentic look Jlamprang, peacock, elephant Image: This is a very Indian batik print and consists of Indian wild animals like peacock, elephant etc that looks extremely extravagant on cotton fabric. The spouted print looks beautiful on ethnic Indian wear like Kurtis and suit pieces which are exclusively available on with huge variety of other fabrics and prints. Buketan- Floral bouquet Image: The most beautiful print amongst all is this European floral print looks beautiful and contains images such as house, horses, people, bicycle etc. of colonial era. Not only these prints are common on feminine attires but are highly used on men’s clothing as well. The very popular print but unpopular for its name must be recognized highly through its roots as we have provided a lot of good information about the print. Apart from great information, the print is extremely alluring and nicely dyed on the cotton fabric and so is quite comfortable for summers.



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