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Five Ways You Can Drape Dupatta

Time to flaunt is just around the corner as summers are approaching real soon this year and we don’t want to leave any stone unturned to glam up the floor. With those fancy outfits, peep toes heels and sparkly hangings; it’s time for your ethnic look to go chic and stylish.

Kasuti Embroidery

The mystic design of Kasuti embroidery has caught the world unaware till now, but with the reinvention of old fabric and embroideries, kasuti has managed to get some fame. Originated from the seven scenic hills, kasuti is hand woven embroidery and consists of interwoven geometric patterns that make up for alluring design.

Batik Print

Most vibrant and chic print out of all is the very authentic and old batik print. Emerged in Indonesia, batik is a technique of dyeing the cloth by covering a part of the cloth with wax coating also known as wax resist coating. When the cloth is dyed the waxed area remains in its original colour but from where the wax is removed, the cloth gets the colour and forms a pattern. The artisans repeat this process with different colours and bring out the authentic and beautiful batik print.

Designer Floor Length

The floor lenght anarkalis are a rage which seems her to stay . Beautiful anarkalis in truly unique prints in crepe , polyester satin and velvet.

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